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We all get so busy with our day to day work that it becomes difficult to keep up with the latest news, the latest trends, and all the information that is out there for our cattle.  All breed associations have some sort of communication they put out.  The Red Angus Association has the American Red Angus Magazine, but they also have and e-newsletter that comes out weekly.  It is very beneficial to read both to keep up on the latest changes and/or information coming out of the national offices.

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The 2017 Fall Sale Season is fast approaching.  We are extremely excited to start the season with an inaugural sale at the Iowa State Fair called the Summer Sizzler National Red Angus Sale on Friday, August 18.  The sale has brought some of the finest genetics in the Red Angus industry together in one place.  Then it will be on to the 10th Annual Kick Off Classic. This year brings about a change for the Kick Off.  We will be in Knoxville, Iowa at the Knoxville Regional Livestock Market.  An extremely RED friendly barn, we are looking forward to what this change will bring.  With many of the same consignors, the sale is also adding some new faces.  Our schedule is filling up fast this fall and we are looking forward to sale season!

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As sale season wraps up, it has been quite a ride.  We had the honor of managing the 2016 National Sale this year.  And we are excited to announce we will be managing the 2017 National Sale in Des Moines during the Iowa State Fair as well.  Red Angus cattle are still in high demand. It has been very exciting to see the many new faces to the breed as well as the youth that are starting to come into the breed as Adult members.

The 2017 fall schedule is already starting to fill up for us.  And this summer we will again be honored to be helping the NAJRAE in Stillwater Oklahoma.  The JRA will also be coming to the state of Iowa for Round Up this year.  We have been asked to do an educational presentation while Round Up is visiting the Solution Genetics facility. The youth are the future of our breed and we couldn’t be more proud to be involved in two great events for our youth.

We have also set a goal for ourselves for the 2017 season to keep our News feed of our website up to date.  We have been so busy this has been challenging! As the sale season wraps, we have reflected on this past season with great admiration for the breeders and their programs.  It is an exciting time to be a breeder of Red Angus!

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On August 27, the Red Angus Sale Season began! The Kick Off Classic was the beginning of the much anticipated sale season.  Even though the markets are still in an unpredictable state, cattlemen have again spoken that Red Angus genetics are sought after.  Our next stop will be the Red Angus Convention in Oklahoma City in which Stuart will be running for the position of Area 9 Director.  Stay tuned for results!!

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The 2016 Spring Bull Season has wrapped up.  It was a busy season and we logged thousands of miles promoting Red Angus genetics.  We are currently updating our Fall Schedule with new dates and events.  We are also working on our Private Stock Semen Sales page to give it a small face lift.  Our online catalog for Private Stock is still available.  Breeding season is in full swing!  We are looking forward to some of our new events in the fall that will soon be up on our site.  We are also going to be logging a small newsletter on our site with current events, updates and information !  2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year!!

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Christmas break is almost over for the Red Cow Relocators crew!  We head to Lazy J Bar Ranch in Aberdeen South Dakota to ring in the new year with a great offering of Red Angus genetics.  Our spring schedule is very full and we are adding dates to it still. January will be full for the crew heading into the National Western Stock Show.  We will be having our 3rd Annual Reds on the Rocks Sale.  We are very excited about the offering we have this year.  We feel this is going to be the best Reds on the Rocks yet!!  We look forward to seeing all of our friends out in Denver! Safe Travels to everyone !!

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We are extremely excited to have the 2015 Fall Sale Season well underway. The Kick Off Classic and the 33rd Annual Prestigious NILE sale were both extremely successful sales!  The 33rd Annual NILE had great averages on open heifers of $4698 and bred heifers averaging $8250.

We are looking forward to bringing the first sale in several years to the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville Kentucky.  The first Ladies of Louisville Sale will get underway on November 15 at 2:00 pm!!  We have a great offering and are looking forward to putting on this great event!

The week after we will be doing the 3rd Annual Harvest of the Reds in Macomb Illinois.  There is a phenomenal offering in this sale which is sponsored by the Illinois Red Angus Association!

The year will end with the annual Lazy J Bar New Years Eve Extravaganza which we consult on.  As always, the Jungs will have an unbelievable offering to the public from their herd with heifers and bulls!

The 2016 sale season will kick off with the 3rd volume of Reds on the Rocks!  We are extremely excited about not only the buyer interests in the 3rd volume of Reds on the Rocks, but also the consignors already making commitments to the sale! In today’s market, the Red Angus market is still a great place to be!

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The 2015 NAJRAE is in full swing and the kids are having a blast.  They have taken a herdsmanship quiz, did a sales talk to try to sell their animal to a judge, interviewed for scholarships, had a team fitting contest and judged livestock.

Forrest Roberts from the NCBA spoke to the kids and presented them with a strong education on the beef industry.  The kid are participating in a mentoring program where the young one are partnered up with an older one.  This program has had an unbelievable success and has given the older kids an opportunity to teach their skills and knowledge to the younger ones, but at the same time give the younger ones the ability to get to know and look up to the older ones.

Quiz bowl teams are being established, preparations for showmanship and friendships are being forged. Shy ones are coming out of their shells and the amount of knowledge about the beef industry being presented to and from the youth at this event is incredible.

As with any organization, there are fund raisers.  This event is ran SOLELY by volunteers and the Red Angus Breeders, Ag businesses and parents all contribute to help support and fund this great event.  Again this year, there will be a fund raising auction on Friday night after the Awards banquet.  Some great items have been donated to help support this great educational event.  You can see some of the items up for auction right here.  In addition to the items available in this catalog are also calendar pages for the 2016 NAJRAE Calendar.  If you are unable to attend this event, be sure to give someone a call if you are interested in any of these lots.


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Preparations for the 2015 NAJRAE is ramping up!  The 2015 IReport has been released and the kids are getting excited! Be sure to check out the IReport on our website as well as the NAJRAE website and facebook page. Red Cow Relocators is proud to be the sponsor for the 2015 NAJRAE Showmanship Buckles this year. We are very excited to support our Red Angus Juniors. These kids are the future of our breed!!  It is amazing to see these kids show animals in this show and then see them bring progeny back from those animals year after year.  The Red Angus is a truly spectacular breed that can not only work in the pasture but also shine in the show ring.  We were in awe last year at what we saw in the barn.  The kids were networking in the barn.  They were learning from one another as well as the adult advisers.  It was fun watching the parents work with their kids as well as their neighbors in the stall. The pride the kids were taking in not only their animals, but their areas, their states and each other was not only heart warming, but gave us a sense of pride to be a part of this breed and the Red Angus family!

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As the sale season slows down this spring, preparations are already underway for the fall.  The 2015 National Red Angus Show will be held at the 2015 Northern International Livestock Exposition or as we all affectionately call it, THE NILE! We are happy to be managing the Prestigious Red Angus Sale at the NILE again this year.

With the National Red Angus Show being in Billings, Montana at the NILE this year, we are pleased to bring you some important information in the event you are interested in consigning to the Prestigious NILE Red Angus Sale.

First, you must be a member of the Montana Red Angus Association by May 1.  An application for membership is on our website.  Once a member of the MTRAA, you must fill submit a Nomination Form to the MTRAA by June 1 for what you wish to consign.  A live lot must be consigned in order for a frozen lot to be consigned.

We have also posted the schedule for the Red Angus at the NILE this year on our website.  Once again the sale will be held on Friday, however, the time has been moved up to 1:00 pm this year.

We are very excited about the 2015 NILE and to be working with the MTRAA once again!  If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Stuart or Kaye Gilbert at 641-919-0196 or email us at or

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The Rich Red Angus Production Sale was a great success March 7, 2015 at the Rich Family Farm in Vinton, Iowa.   As the sale got underway, 45 bulls averaged $5,354; 22 Registered Open Heifers averaged $5,065 and 19 Commercial Red Angus Cross heifers averaged $1,867.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 410, RRA Conquest 218 410, born on 1/9/14 and sired by RRA Conquest 229.  He sold for $17,500 to Hootridge Red Angus, Larry Thomann of Riverside Iowa.

Top selling open heifer of the day was Lot  415, RRA Rachel 746 415 ET born on 1/10/2014 and sired by RRA Mulberry 26P 922.  She sold for $14,000 to High Ridge Red Angus Ranch, Dwight McDonald – Russell, Iowa.

Congratulations to the Rich Family for a very successful sale!

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Congratulations goes to Kevin Blair & Blair Ag for the purchase of 2015 National Western Stock Show Reserve Red Angus Champion GCC Navigator 1233 and the Canadian semen rights.  Graystone Cattle Company will retain the US Semen rights on the bull.

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Tonight, the South Dakota Red Angus Association will be conducting a fund raising auction to benefit their juniors.   As of now, they some great semen donation lots for sires such as PZC Tmas Firestorm 1800 and Webr Dr. Phil. They have also gotten certificates for semen from Select Sires, Genex, ABS and Accelerated Genetics!!  They  have at least 1 embryo lot as well as advertising certificates from Tri State Livestock , Cattle Business Weekly & Tri State Neighbor.  More items are being added clear up to sale time!!

For more information, contacts are Keith Larsen 605-350-5517, Brad Grill   605-891-3041 & Brandon Mitchell 605-488-0257

To view a complete listing of the auction click on the SDRA Auction Poster below!

SDRA Auction Poster

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We are very excited to offer the 2015 National Western Stock Show Reserve Grand Champion Red Angus Bull for sale.  Be sure to check out our Upcoming Events for more information!!

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The Reds on the Rocks Sale held on January 10 in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show was a huge success.  58 Embryo Lots averaged $2,724, 25 Semen Lots averaged $949 and 4 flush lots averaged $4,375.

Lots 2 A & B  was one of the top selling embryo packages.  It was consigned by Blair Ag of Saskatchewan Canada.  The sire was PIE One of A Kind 352 and dam Red Brylor Bonita 205T.  A package of 5 sold to Shuey Stock Farms in Tecumseh Nebraska for $10,000 and another package of 5 sold to Bowling Ranch of Blackwell Oklahoma for $1,900.

Lot 57  consigned by Shuey Stock Farms, Tecumseh Nebraska also was a top seller .  The sire was PIE Code Red 9058 and the dam RMS Daisy 8708 .  A package of 4 sold to Cheramie Viator, Childress Texas for $9,200.

Lot 60 consigned by Shuter Family Cattle of Frankton Indiana was the top selling flush at $5,500. The flush of Riggins Anne 903 sold to Arrowsmith Red Angus in Bassett Nebraska.

Lot 49 consigned by Rich Red Angus of Vinton Iowa also was a top seller at $5,000.  The flush of MLK CRK Lakota 095 went to High Ridge Red Angus of Russell, Iowa.

The top semen package was 1A & B on SSS Pay Dirt 357Z.  It was consigned by Arrowsmith Red Angus of Bassett Nebraska, SSS Red Angus of Alberta Canada and Namken Red Angus of Lake Norden South Dakota.  Lot 1A was purchased by Blair Ag International of Saskatchewan Canada and 1B was purchase by Kal-Kota Red Angus of Steele North Dakota.  Each purchased a package of 10 for $3,000.

Lot 41 Legends Package was a package of semen by Beckton Julian GG B571, LCHMN King Rob 8621, BFCK Cherokee Canyon, BJR Make My Day 981 and Beckton Lancer T A664.  It was consigned by Rhodes Red Angus of Maize Kansas and sold for $2,700 for a package of 15.  It was purchased by Fick Red Angus of Inman, Nebraska.

Lot 28 consigned by Red Lazy MC Angus of Alberta Canada was semen on Red Lazy MC Lookout 153X.  It was the next high seller at $2,000 for a package of 20 straws purchased by Bullis Creek Red Angus of Wood Lake Nebraska.

Volume buyers Included Hooper Red Angus of Conrad Iowa with the purchase of 6 lots and Blair Ag International of Saskatchewan Canada with the purchase of 4 lots. Sales were made into 15 states and Canada.

Stay tuned for Volume 3 of Reds on the Rocks for 2016!!

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We’re excited to launch our redesigned website! We hope you like our new look. Please have a browse and feel free to look at the various sections of this site to learn more about us and what we have to offer!

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