Private Stock Semen Sales

We started Private Stock Semen Sales with the goal to bring you a wide array of choices of Registered Red Angus bulls that you may not otherwise see. As breeders of registered Red Angus cattle ourselves, we know there are good bulls out there you may not be able to get at the corporate AI studs. We also know from the breeder’s perspective, how hard it is to promote your own programs without a sizable investment.

When putting this offering together, we asked ourselves if we would use these bulls ourselves. The answer is a definite yes. Some of the bulls listed are proven sires and some are young bulls we believe will make their mark.

We are constantly on the lookout for bulls to add to our line-up. We see several hundred of the breed’s newest genetics in our travels and will continue to try and acquire top of the crop bulls for use in the future.

We strive to offer new and unique pedigrees to the Red Angus breeders! Take a look in our catalog. We believe you will find something to fit your needs!

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2015 Private Stock Cover


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